How to Purchase Direct from Me

There are some books I review on this site I still have in inventory and can offer at lower prices than you might pay on Amazon. These include out of print books. If the book has a BT or BTH number under the listing and a price, it is one of those books. If it has no price listed, I will try to  match or beat Amazon’s price if the book is in stock.

Please inquire by email as instructed at the bottom of this page. You will need to list the books you want by their numbers and titles. For a postage quote I will need your complete shipping address, not just a zip code. If you want to talk  to me by phone about your order, put your phone number, time zone, and best times to call in the e-mail and I’ll do my best to connect. I do not sell or use your information for anything except giving you the information you asked for.

I no longer take credit cards, and payments will have to be  made through PayPal. Local customers (Paso Robles, California area) can arrange to pick up books instead of having them shipped. I will accept cash for pick-up orders.

To inquire and make arrangements, please email me with the subject heading Book Inquiry at barbsbooks@sbcglobal dot net. Substitute a period for the word “dot.”  Give me the BT or BTH numbers of the books you are interested in. I may not be able to  do rush orders because I need to access my warehouse to get your books and I only go there once a day when I need to. Please allow me two business days to process your order after I get your payment. If this must arrive in time to be a Christmas gift, please order priority mail. When I know what you want, I will send the amount of the postage fee. There will be sales tax charged on all orders from or to California addresses. The more books you  order to be shipped at once to the same address, direct from me, the better the shipping value I can give you. Unless books are odd shapes, I ship flat rate priority. Many picture books are odd shapes. If you are not in a hurry, I will use the cheaper media mail rates.

If you want to get faster service, leave me your phone number, time zone, and best time in your time zone to call back. I generally call back between 10 AM and 9 PM Pacific time. I do  work on weekends and evenings.

I have most of the books listed on these pages and many more, but I ship only when it is a much better value to a customer to buy from me than from Amazon. For all practical purposes, I have retired from direct selling and online listing.

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