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Is FotoJet the Right Online Photo Editor for You?

FotoJet Is a Flexible Online Photo Editor

I had been using FotoJet’s free version for about two months when Angela from FotoJet approached me about writing this review. I had told her I was happy with my paid version of another editor and didn’t think I could fairly assess the difference unless I tried the paid version.

About three weeks ago Angela activated the paid version for me at no charge so that I could experience all the great features in FotoJet for a fair comparison.  I will still give you my honest review. FotoJet doesn’t currently have an affiliate program, and I do not profit from any links to  FotoJet if you decide to sign up. I’ve been playing with the full-featured FotoJet since then, and I like what I see. All images used in this post were edited in FotoJet.

Normal Photo Editing

When you upload a photo to FotoJet for editing, it will immediately change the size to 3200 x 2400 pixels by default.  I decided to upload this photo to play with, further resizing it to 800×600 pixels for use here.

Is FotoJet the Right Online Photo Editor for You?
All I did here was resize my image and add my copyright .

Here’s how I got this done. I’m including this screenshot to refer to.

Is FotoJet the Right Online Photo Editor for You?
Screenshot from FotoJet for Text Editing
  • I copied my copyright information from my word processor.
  • I clicked the TEXT icon on the left.
  • I clicked the orange ADD TEXT box at the top left to put my text box on the photo.
  • I selected the default text in the box and pasted mine on instead
  • I clicked on the minus sign at the bottom of the pop-up text editing box to make my text smaller.
  • I changed the Open Sans font to Shadows into Light with the drop-down menu you see on the text box
  • I changed the text color to one that contrasted with the black and was close to one of the shades in the sky by using the color wheel on the lower right side of the box.
  • I used the handles to move my text to the bottom  right.

 More Text Options

There are many other options for making my text stand out. I could have used one of the drop-down styles on the left menu as is. Let’s do something different to this photo. Let’s make it a photo to share on Pinterest .

First I will upload the same photo as before, same size, to the editor. Then I crop out most of the left side to make it  tall. The cropped size was just a bit taller than I wanted so I cropped a bit more off the top and then resized it to 735×1117. Not perfect, but close enough.

To add the text I’ll choose something from that left menu to make the title of this post. I chose the seventh sample on the drop-down list. Then I played with the color wheel in the text editing box to get a color I could live with. Voila!

s FotoJet the Right Online Photo Editor for You?
Making a Pinterest Image on FotoJet

Now that I see this enlarged here, I see I could have toned that blue down a bit by adjusting the opacity.  Does this improve it? I could  have changed that color to anything.

Is FotoJet the Right Online Photo Editor for You?
Adjusted Color on Pinterest Image

FotoJet Design Templates

I will confess that I usually hate templates. I’m a control freak who likes to put my own images on designs and put my text exactly where I want it. I consider it more work to use a template for anything than to start from scratch. So this section is informational. FotoJet has three kinds of design templates.


  • Poster
  • Flyer
  • Invitation
  • Card
  • Custom

Social Media Headers

I’m going to try a template for a YouTube Banner. It may not work because YouTube just changed the size, but I’ll try.  First I tried the template supplied by FotoJet and found it frustrating, as I find most templates. This is what I wound up with. I left that top left corner blank because that’s where YouTube puts the profile photo.

Is FotoJet the Right Online Photo Editor for You?
YouTube Channel Header Using a FotoJet Template, © B. Radisavljevic. I have resized it to fit here.

When I plugged this into my YouTube channel it was a disaster because I have a desktop. It looked sort of like this because this size is designed to display full size only on a TV screen.

Is FotoJet the Right Online Photo Editor for You?
How the Header Looked on a Desktop in YouTube. It was also cut off on Mobile Devices.

This would not do, so I used the custom size (no template, paid version only) to create a simple header at 2048 x 1152 pixels, which YouTube said would not be cut off.  Here is that header.

Is FotoJet the Right Online Photo Editor for You?
New Simple Header on Custom Size Canvas

YouTube didn’t tell the truth. Here’s how it looked on my desktop.

Is FotoJet the Right Online Photo Editor for You?
How New Header Looked on my Desktop When I Viewed It on YouTube

The vineyards that were so important were cut off. I’ll leave this on YouTube for now, but will be replacing it with something that looks better on a desktop.


The Social Media Templates Available

  • YouTube Channel Art
  • Facebook Cover
  • Google + Cover
  • YouTube Thumbnail
  • Twitter Header
  • Tumblr Banner
  • Email Header

Playing with Photos: Part 1

Let’s experiment with a photo I took this afternoon for part of a blog post on Blogger. When I uploaded my photos I noticed there was a problem with this nativity set in my neighbor’s yard. First I resized the photo for the post.

s FotoJet the Right Online Photo Editor for You?
The original photo, resized only.

Next, I cropped the photo to get rid of parts I didn’t want to include. I also added an unobtrusive watermark.

Is FotoJet the Right Online Photo Editor for You?
Cropped Photo of Nativity Set, © B. Radisavljevic

Then I started to play with the effects. There were many black and white choices. Some are premium. I can’t remember if this was free or premium.

Is FotoJet the Right Online Photo Editor for You?
Nativity in Black and White

Then I tried one of the premium sepia effects, Sepia 4. There are many different Sepia effects to choose some, but many are part of the paid plan. You may have noticed I keep changing the watermark  color to adjust to my different effect colors.

Is FotoJet the Right Online Photo Editor for You?
Nativity Photo in Sepia 4, part of the FotoJet paid plan. © B. Radisavljevic

Here I tried Lomo 3, one of the free Lomo variations. Are you as confused about what Lomo is as I was? Learn more about Lomography here. Lomos might be considered “happy accidents” — the kind of photos many of us have thrown away. They were more common with cheap older film cameras.

Is FotoJet the Right Online Photo Editor for You?
Nativity Photo in Lomo 3, © B. Radisavljevic

 Lomography : Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Lomography and the LOMO LC-A



Want to try Lomography for yourself? Here’s help. Most of these cameras use film.


 Lomography Diana F+ Medium Format Camera Lomography sp400cy Point and Shoot Film Camera , Bronze Lomographic Fisheye Number 2 Camera


In this next example, I started playing with clipart. FotoJet has oodles of clipart, but a good portion of it is only available in the paid plan. The one I chose is a paid one.

Is FotoJet the Right Online Photo Editor for You?
Nativity Scene Photo with Clipart, © B. Radisavljevic

You will notice the talk bubble has a border. I turned it into a very narrow one. I used a different font here than in my other examples, and I changed all the colors in the bubble. This is very easy and the interface is intuitive. You just play with it until you’re happy. See how I used the finished product in my blog post. 

Playing With Photos Part 2: Making a Collage

It’s getting late, but I did want to try one more template. This is a premium template for three photos.

Is FotoJet the Right Online Photo Editor for You?
“December Day” Using a FotoJet Premium Collage Template

I was going to make a grid collage to show many of the different frames and effects available, but none of the grids was up to the job. So I’m just going to show you some of the many variations of frames, effects, and overlays you can use. I used a lot of premium features, and sometimes I used an overlay with a frame or an effect. I’ve barely scratched the surface with this sample.

Some of the Frames I Played With

This is a slideshow of some of the frames I tried. You can use the arrows to navigate or just wait for them to change.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Some FotoJet Effects and Overlays

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There were many options for each effect. Where there were borders you could change the colors and thickness. You can add a frame, an effect, some clipart and an overlay, but I’d be careful not to overdo it. You are in control

Using the Grid Collage

I was working on another blog post yesterday and found a way to utilize the grid collage to make make a point it was hard to make any other way.  Click the image to see how I used this in my blog post.

Use MalloMe LED Camping Lanterns When Lights Go Out: A Review

My Recommendation

If you are a blogger this photo editing program will probably be all you need. It’s easy to resize and crop photos and add text. You can design special items like flyers, cards, and collages, with oodles of template choices. There is also a great selection of special effects and overlays you can add along with a collection of clipart to use. You will have more options if you go for a paid membership. If you need help and directions, visit the support page.

If you are trying to edit photos for upload to a print on demand site like Zazzle, you will need a program that will let you upload larger images and specify exact resolutions. I recommend Adobe Photoshop Elements as a program that will do what FotoJet cannot do. Photoshop Elements does not have as high a learning curve as Photoshop itself and it’s cheaper. FotoJet is intuitive, has a free plan,  and the learning curve is short.

For another review of FotoJet that covers the basic steps on how to get started, please visit FotoJet Free Photo Editor Review. It was written by a fellow contributor on  Review This!, Dawn Rae.

Now, why not go play with FotoJet?  Please come back to comment and let us know what you think of it. Please feel free to use the comments for asking questions.