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Core Skills MathAfter twenty years of selling materials for teaching math, I have pretty well discovered which titles are most popular with teachers and many tutors. Most of these titles were not easy to find in the average teacher store. One company most teachers have preferred  is Steck-Vaughn. For this reason I will give Steck-Vaughn its own page in my math workbooks recommendations.

Extreme MathI will file books on word problems under applied math and mix up the different publishers to keep the possibilities together.

Math drill   and practice can take many forms — games, flashcards, and workbooks. I will probably separate them into those categories.

I will also give Algebra, Geometry,   and Calculus their own pages.

I’m going to begin working on this now, and will add more tabs as soon as I can. Meanwhile, if there’s something you need, contact me through the form on the end of this page. I still have many out-of-print math workbooks from major publishers in inventory and might be willing to negotiate if you need several books and want to buy them direct.  Here are pages up so far:

Math Reference for School Age Children and Above


A World of Reading Choices