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Why Steck-Vaughn?

I first discovered the Steck-Vaughn instructional materials at an educational suppliers trade show, and I soon discovered that teachers love them. One reason educators like them is that they clearly explain the material being taught, provide examples of how to solve problems, and follow through with lots of practice problems. Steck-Vaughn math materials can also supplement and provide additional practice for any other math curriculum that a school may be using.

Some of the Steck-Vaughn math  workbooks are intended for elementary and middle school students, including those who may not be up to  grade level. Some cater to adults working on the GED or preparing for employment. I will be recommending some of the most popular materials I have sold. Some may be out of print, but people often request them  anyway. I am including my own catalog numbers if I still have some of these items in inventory. Sometimes I have what Amazon doesn’t. You can inquire by using the contact form at the bottom of the page. Be sure to reference the catalog numbers in your inquiry. I will negotiate prices for orders of five or more assorted books shipped to one location. Availability is limited to what I have on hand.

Here are reviews of series and books that were my best sellers in my former online store.

Basic Essentials of Mathematics

When a student needs more practice in the middle grades — and more stimulation than a thick text provides, these books are the solutions. They have bound in answer keys and are 128 pages each.  These books are also for adult learners who want to brush up on basic math skills in a minimum amount of time. Each page is a separate lesson that teaches a single skill. Unit reviews and a mastery test help students assess their learning progress.

Basic Essentials of Mathematics, Book 1Basic Essentials of Mathematics Book 1 This book covers whole numbers, fractions and decimals. Grades 5-7.

Basic Essentials of Mathematics Book 2 This worktext covers percent, measurement and formulas, equations, ratio, and proportion. Grades 7-9.
Cat. #BTH-30

Core Skills

Core Skills MathCore Skills Math Series: This series of consumable workbooks helps students to build critical and creative thinking skills to learn math and apply it in the real world. These books provide practice in solving problems, but many students will need instruction before doing the problems provided. The books seem intended for giving students a lot of practice to reinforce what they have learned. Some exercises, especially in the higher grade levels, provide opportunities for written explanations of solutions or strategies.

Students will need to use logical reasoning, computation skills, and visual thinking to solve grade-appropriate problems. Where applicable, problems are integrated with other subject areas like math, social studies, and language. Perforated answer pages are bound in at the back of each book.

The review above is for the green cover edition published in 2002.

There is a new edition (pictured here)which is probably much the same but is arranged to correlate with the new Common Core standards. Steck-Vaughn usually puts the older edition’s  content in a new edition inside a new cover. The content is often arranged differently to correlate with a different set of standards. If you need to follow Common Core standards, you will probably want the new edition available on Amazon. Click the photo to find it. If that isn’t important to you and you just want students to learn the math, the older green edition will meet your needs. You also have permission to reproduce pages in the green edition in quantities needed for classroom use. I do not know if the new edition has the same permission.

Green cover edition books for grades 1-3 are 160 pages. Books for grades 4-8 are 176 pages. Each book covers a single grade level. Answers are bound into the back.

Description of Core Skills Math Review Core Skills Math Review  for Grades 5-8
This consumable workbook prepares students to master the skills and concepts students will face on  most state standardized tests. It provides ample examples and practice exercises to reinforce learning. A preview test pinpoints strengths and weaknesses so students will know what they need to review.  Unit  tests  reveal how well students have mastered each unit. The score on the  final review can be compared to that of the preview test to measure progress.

These are the unit topics covered in the book:

  1.  Whole Numbers: Addition and Subtraction
  2. Whole Numbers: Multiplication and Division
  3. The Meaning and Use of Fractions
  4. Multiplication and Division of Fractions
  5. Working with Decimals
  6. Percents
  7. Algebra: Expressions and Equations
  8. Algebra: Functions, Graphs, and Inequalities
  9. Geometry
  10.  Measurements, Ratios, and Proportions

Each page introduces a rule or explanation of how to do a type of problem. Then the student sees some examples of how to work the problem. In the practice problems which follow, the first one is worked for the student with the answer in place so that students will know exactly what to do.  This approach is ideal for independent learning.  Math Review introduces math vocabulary in the context of lessons rather than in isolation, and it provides a glossary of over 120 terms for review. Answers are bound in.

Although intended for middle school grades, this book can also be used by teens and adults who need to review what they may have forgotten before taking higher math courses.

Review of Core Skills AlgebraCore Skills Algebra for Grades 5-8. Also useful for teens and adults who need to review.

This consumable workbook uses the same “Rule-Example-Practice” format for instruction as Core Skills Math Review above, and is great for independent learners.  There are useful assessments throughout the book to measure mastery, including a final test at the end. Here is a list of the unit topics.

  1. Expressions and Formulas
  2. Integers and Monomials
  3. Solving Equations
  4. Exponents and Polynomials
  5. Functions and Graphs
  6. Graphs and Systems of Equations
  7. Inequalities, Roots, and Proportions
  8. Factoring an Quadratic Equations

Students will find a variety of approaches for attacking and solving algebra problems, including suggestions for self-checking, and they will see how what they are learning applies to daily life. The workbook introduces math vocabulary in the context of the lessons rather than in isolation. It then provides a glossary of over 100 terms for reference and review. Perforated answer pages are bound in at the back.  BTH-514.

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Essential Math Practice Series

Review of Essential Math Practice Series by Steck-Vaughn   Books in this series for middle grade students prepare struggling learners for high school math. They clearly explain mathematical concepts and then give students practice in applying them.

Each book in the series begins with a diagnostic pre-test. Each question on the diagnostic assessment is related to a corresponding lesson number so that students can get help with what they do not understand. Two-page lessons begin with easy-to-follow models or explanations.

Review of Essential Math Practice Series by Steck-VaughnThe second page provides another model of the lesson, followed by practice exercises are scaffolded to increase student understanding of the problems and help assure success.  At the bottom of the practice page is a last set of exercises with which the student can check proficiency. The last section of the book is filled with enriching extension exercises for some of the lessons.

These books are connected to NCTM standards. Answers are included with each book. Pages are reproducible for classroom use. Available titles in this series are  Operations and Algebra;  Number and Quantitative Reasoning; and  Measurement, Geometry, and Statistics.

 Financial Math Series

Written  by Steck-Vaughn Staff. This two-book series gives students the financial skills they need to think critically and make sound financial decisions. These books help students achieve personal financial literacy, money management skills, and the ability to solve real-life problems. These books will easily serve as texts for consumer math.

 Review of Financial Math 1     Financial Math Book One covers daily mathematics applications including calculating change, wages and earnings, buying groceries and other goods, sales tax and discounts, installment buying and deferred payments, and buying insurance. Reproducible for one classroom. 96 pages. BTH-3963.


Financial Math 2Financial Math Book Two covers bank accounts, borrowing money, credit card management, paying for a home (renting and buying), investing and retirement planning, tax forms and paying taxes, buying and maintaining a car, and budgeting and personal finance. Reproducible for one classroom. 96 pages. BTH-3964.


Just-a-Minute Math

Review of Just-a-Minute MathJust-a-Minute Math: Build Computation Strength Through Timed Drills. Steck-Vaughn. These 200 timed practice tests for grades 1-8 will encourage and help elementary and middle grade students to master the basic math facts so necessary to proceed to more difficult mathematical concepts.  This resource is flexible and allows the teacher to choose the subject area, number of problems, and time frame to fit individual needs.

The sections in Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division feature tests of 20, 30, 40, 50, or 60 problems each. Choose between test lengths of 20, 30, or 40 problems in Fractions, Decimals, and Percents. There are progress charts so that students can track their improvement. There are fact tables for easy reference.

Math games help keep students interested. Give  students included certificates at the end when goals are met. Answers are at the back. 224 pages in all. This book is reproducible for classroom use.  BTH-1029.

Mastering Math

Review of Steck-Vaughn Mastering MathMastering Math Student Books can be found in different editions on Amazon. When you click through you can narrow your search to a specific grade level and edition.

This series offers core math content with simple instructions and plenty of practice for low-level readers. Lower levels have large print and lots of illustrations. and visual clues.  Photos of people are ethnically diverse. The content is one or two years below grade level, making math accessible to all students. There are problem solving lessons in every chapter. These are consumable workbooks which vary in length between 158 pages and 176 pages. Available for grade levels 1-6, reading levels 1-4.  This photo is from an older edition, but it has almost exactly the same content.

Mastering Math Teacher Editions: Teachers can keep track of students’ mastery through chapter reviews, tests, and cumulative reviews.  Teacher editions include complete text of student book with answers, chapter overviews, teaching notes, scope and sequence, and blackline masters for assessments, math facts, and letters to families. Amazon does not have all the teacher editions. If they don’t have what you need, use the contact form at the end of this page to see if I still have it. I seem to have more than Amazon as I write this. Specify level and ISBN or publication year in your inquiry.

Mastering Math Student Practice Books: these are designed for students who need extra practice. The teacher’s editions at each level suggest which pages to use for students having difficulty. Practice books are 46 pages.

Math in Your World: Practical Applications

Review of Steck-VaughnMath in Your World Series

Math in Your World: Practical Applications:Many students aren’t motivated to work at studying math because they can’t visualize how they will ever use it. These math workbooks seek to solve this problem. Lessons in the books teach key math concepts as they incorporate essential math vocabulary terms. 

The books in the Math in Your World  series integrate grade-appropriate skills with meaningful content that students will recognize as useful in the real world. Each book includes correlations to NCTM standards. Each of the 28 lessons begins with an overview of a concept and the immediate opportunity to test understanding with some practice. This is followed by a full page of practice. After that comes a review and a practice with application to higher-level thinking. There is an assessment at the end of every unit. An answer key is bound in at the back. Reproducible for classroom use. Workbooks are available for grades K-5.

Math Skills for the Workforce

Review of Math Skills for the WorkforceThis program is specifically designed to prepare students for job success. With just four titles, Math Skills for the Workforce covers all students need to know about applying their skills on the job. Black and white photos and drawings scattered through the books show adults at work applying the content . Each book has 208 pages and a bound-in answer key. A pretest ensures proper placement, while a post test measures progress. Reading levels of grades 4-6 make it possible for even limited readers to master math. All unit openers and practice exercises deal with  work-related issues and scenarios. A glossary defines unfamiliar words to keep students focused on problem solving. Consumable worktexts.  Available titles:

   Review of Math Skills for the WorkforceMath Skills for the Workforce: Whole Numbers. BTH-516

Math Skills for the Workforce: Fractions               BTH-517

Math Skills for the Workforce: Decimals and Percents BTH-518

Math Skills for the Workforce: Measurement, Geometry, & Algebra    BTH-515


Problem Solving Strategies

Review of Steck-Vaughn Problem Solving StrategiesProblem Solving Strategies Series by Steck Vaughn, 2006. The books in this series help students learn  problem solving strategies which they can then apply to a wide variety of word problems. Each book is divided into ten math skill units based on NCTM standards, for which there is a correlation chart. Each unit contains 7 activity pages, 2 review pages, and an enrichment page. Answers are bound in. Cover art for all books is the same except for the grade number and the color of the border at the top. The following strategies are taught:

  • Choose an operation

  • Use Estimation

  • Look for a pattern

  • Guess and check

  • Identify extra or missing information

  • Make / use a drawing

  • Use equality / inequality

  • Make a table

  • Use a graph

  • Identify substeps

  • Use logical reasoning

  • Work backward

  • Write a number sentence

Books are available for grades 3-6 as follows. This link should take you to all the books: Problem Solving Strategies 

Problem Solving Strategies Grade 3: The ten units for this book are (1) Whole Numbers (2) Place Value (3) Addition (4) Addition [Regrouping] (5) Subtraction (6) Subtraction [Regrouping] (7) Multiplication (8) Division (9) Fractions (10) Money and Decimals 

 Problem Solving Strategies Grade 4: I don’t have the book with me to list the ten areas it covers, but they are grade appropriate. 

Problem Solving Strategies Grade 5: The ten units for this book are (1) Graphs and Graphing (2) Logic (3) Addition and Subtraction(4) Multiplication  (5) Division(6) Fractions(7) Fractions and Mixed Numbers(8) Measurement (9)Decimals and Fractions  (10) Metrics 

 Problem Solving Strategies Grade 6: The ten units for this book are (1) Whole Numbers (2) Fractions (3) Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers(4) Multiplying Fractions  (5) Dividing Fractions (6) Decimals(7) Ratios and Percentages(8) Probability (9)Geometry  (10) Pre-Algebra.  


Strengthening Math Skills

Review of Strengthening Math Skills SeriesThe reproducible books in The Strengthening Math Skills  series feature an easy-to-read print style with lots of white space. They are intended for those having difficulty mastering basic skills who need a step-by-step approach to learn a concept, an example problem, and a full page of reinforcing practice. Although designed for elementary students, they could be used in higher grades by students who need extra help. Each book has several different problem solving strategies, graphic organizers for students, a glossary to help students understand mathematical terms, and a standards correlation chart.  128 pages each. All  the books can be purchased from the link above. Here are the books:

Strengthening Math Skills: Addition and Subtraction;  Strengthening Math Skills: Multiplication and Division;  Strengthening Math Skills: Fractions, Decimals, and Percents

Review of Strengthening Math Skills: Geometry Strengthening Math Skills: Geometry Grades 1-2 by  Donna Montgomery. 2009. This book will help students practice and understand geometry, build confidence and success, and apply geometry concepts. It covers Plane figures, solid figures, movement and location, equal parts, and Measurement. BTH- 4155  

Strengthening Math Skills: Geometry Grades 3-4 by  Steck-Vaughn. 2009. This book covers lines and angles; plane figures; solid figures; perimeter, area, and volume; and coordinate graphs. BTH- 4156

Strengthening Math Skills: Geometry Grades 5-6 by  Steck-Vaughn. 2009. This covers lines and angles; plane figures; comparing and moving figures; solid figures; and geometric measurements.  BTH- 4157.

You might also be interested in Math Reference Books. 

Use this form  to inquire about out-of-print Steck-Vaughn math titles Amazon doesn’t have. Be sure to include titles, series, and grade or level number and my BTH # if I entered it. I do have single copies of some series not listed here. An ISBN number will not help me. 

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